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“Teenagers only have to focus on themselves – its not until we get older that we realize that other people exist.”

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*plans life around having a rich significant other*


❝ Wow Elsa, you look... different. It's a good different! ❞


     ”There will be days where you feel all alone and that’s when hope is needed most. 

No matter how buried it gets or how lost you feel, you must  p r o m i s e   m e  that you will hold on to hope  […]  I know it feels like we’re saying goodbye but we will carry a piece of  e a c h  o t h e r  into everything we do next. To remind us of who we are.. and if we were  m e a n t   t o  b e. ”



The Dark Knight + Quotes 

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“ The best feeling in the world is knowing your presence and absence both mean something to someone. ”
- Unknown (via suspend)
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one palette per movie • prisoner of azkaban


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